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 The Band

Ben Huws - Guitar,Vocals


Ben Huws is a professional singer, guitarist and songwriter whose original music has appeared in film and on TV. 

A performer of songs since the age of 10, he has developed a distinguished guitar and vocal style of his own. Since first picking up the guitar and getting to grips with the rudiments of Rock’n’roll he has been influenced by many disparate styles of music with an emphasis on American roots. 


He is the lead singer and guitarist in various bands and performs regularly across the UK and Europe. 


His debut solo album ‘There On Time’, released by White Guitar Records in 2011, is a fantastic solo debut. 

A new album of his original songs is due to be released next year. 








Ben Henry Edwards - Harmonica,Percussion


Ben studied music at Brunel University, London gaining a music diploma and a 2:1 BA Hons degree in Popular Music. He studied harmonica (the first in Brunel’s history) under the guidance of Brendan Power. Ben is currently endorsed by Seydel harmonicas.


During this time he also discovered the hammered dulcimer which created a period of 8 years studying percussion with the West African Malinke musicians passing through London which then inspired voyages to Mali.


Since 2003 Ben started and still continues to tour and record with friend and song writer Charlie Winston.


Other performing projects include  session work for TV and ad's through Beetroot Music and other London based composers.







Alan Pagan - Percussionist


Alan is a freelance multi-instrumentalist specialising in Drums and Percussion. He is involved with many exciting projects. His most notable ventures to date have been touring with CHARLIE WINSTON supporting PETER GABRIEL in England, Germany & Monte Carlo, Percussionist for the production of Punch Drunk's MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH,  multi-instrumentalist and actor for Filter’s European Tour of TWELFTH NIGHT and National tours of  A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM and MACBETH .  His RECORDING/REHEARSAL studio has been used by artists such as TOM BAXTER  and has supplied drum recordings to many composers for TV and sound libraries.








Tom Fry - Double Bass


One time bonzo, life long ego-warrior, self-proclaimed double-bassist, professional sideman, semi-professional bass-guitarist, amateur musician, percussion enthusiast, Ptom ffry, has forgotten most of that which he's done. He assures us it was mainly worthwhile. 

Anti-poet. Beat misser. Plank slapper. Pretention gatherer. Phrase collector. Third person in the smallest crowds.

Ptom is currently endorsed by Smiling and Clapping Audiences.

















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